Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wow what a difference a working computer can make....

These 2 pages are featuring some pictures that I took of a tree outside our house that was blooming and of my Bleeding hearts and Hostas progress.  The day I took the tree photos(last week) there were no bleeding hearts and today there were...yeah ! I think spring has sprung.  Chet mowed the lawn yesterday and I can't believe we are starting into that again!! Also I think I might get to see my little cousin Sully this weekend.  Pray for him as he goes into surgery for a G-Tube on Thursday.
These 2 pages were done with a kit called Daffodil Dreams by Anne Quade the number circles are from the alpha that go with this kit.  Isn't that little birdie so cute!!  The page above is also dont with this kit and with the white solid from the Run away bride kit also by Ann Quade.  The "GROW" letters are made by Gunhilde Storiede and can be found for free on her website.

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  1. Hey Amanda,
    I have enjoyed reading through your posts. I guess you can count me as reader number three ;) I just try to remember that my blog is to keep my family updated since I'm really bad about that and to get some thoughts "on paper."
    How is Sully doing with his G-Tube? I have a 14 month old foster son with Cerebal Palsy that is on a g-tube and have found it surprisingly easy. He does really well with his. Hope to get to know you better. ~Shelly~also not an ax murderer, lol.