Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Praises to God

Well, I have just a few praises to share with you guys...Seems like all I do is pray and wait patiently and *poof* here comes the answer. The first one came yesterday in the form of a brailler. What is a brailler? Well, it is like a typewriter but it types braille. They are very expensive anywhere from 200$ to 400$ for a used one. The O/M teacher (teaches her mobility) went to a school that was throwing 2 canes and a brailler away. When she came for Abby's lesson, Abby's cane was cracked in half (I had used my first aid skills and splinted the break with pencils)  SO she suggested that Abby make do with one that was in her car. Then she mentioned the brailler and I told her I had been trying for months on e bay to get one.  She said to me "Well God works in mysterious ways! and she handed me the brailler!" She said I could have it...just have it. She didn't want any money for it and she said if it needed repair she could take it to KC to have it fixed for free. Fixed for free. God is good isn't he?
The second praise is with our adoption paperwork which the county was supposed to send 3 weeks ago. The agent hasn't been returning our calls and she is always out of the office? who knew? Well last night While surfing I ran across a phone number for Midwest Foster and adoption association and I called them today to ask if we had to work with the county or if there was another way. Guess what? There is another way...The place I called can train and license us and help with both adopting and fostering.  Awesome!! God is Awesome!

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