Saturday, January 22, 2011

The case of the missing blog

Chet was supposed to fix the blog to get it to line up with the domain name I paid for. But he's been a grumpy grump for almost a month so I changed it back to this address until it is all figured out. Not that anyone cares cause nobody reads my blog ...but thats ok too.


  1. keep posting! you're in my google reader! :)

  2. I read it but for awhile there I couldn't access it anymore. Tried a ton of times and it said there was no such blog or something like that. Finally decided to try and see if you had the address on your facebook and wala! You did so I went through there. Just now found it again and have had to go back and catch up. Didn't know you had changed the name. Love you guys! Good luck with your adoption process!!