Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Respite and other things...

Our respite for 10 days was hard. But enjoyable. Its hard to connect with a teenager you know nothing about. But it was fun and hope we get to do it again soon. We met with our social worker only to find out that training wont be in August but maybe in September if we r lucky. I am about ready to give this local adoption thing the heave ho. Many of my blogging friends have been to the Ukraine and back in the 8 months we have been waiting for our classes to start. I mean really. 8 months. Just to start taking the classes (we get our home study done in the class). I want a blind kid, a deaf kid, and 1000 different sibling sets, we are willing to take 18-21 year olds and still it has been 8 months. I know where the system has failed these kids. At the front door. We started this journey in November, completed our paperwork and physicals in January and we are still waiting. On another note this is Stephen.
Stephen is Blind. But he has some sight. He is new to reeces rainbow. I am trying to raise the 1000 for him. He was born March of 2010. So he is 1 year 5months old. or 17 months. If you have a heart for Stephen and want to help leave a comment or go to he is Stephen21H. I have a booth on October 15th in Desoto, MO that I am going to sell handmade cards at. I am hoping to raise more money for that little child God wants us to have. I keep hoping that the reason this local thing is taking so long is because we are meant to be looking to the Ukraine or Russia instead.

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