Monday, September 19, 2011

52 Card Pick Up

WEll again, I did not reach 100 cards. But I did get 52. And that is 52 more for the kitty.  And chet and I are starting STARS training tomorrow. Yeah! Finally after 9 months we are getting soemwhere.  Ill let you know how it went.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Card Challenge Weekend...

Ok here goes I am challenging myself to another busy card weekend. Last time I did 32/100. So this time I am going for more than that. I will post them as I complete them. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Card total 32/100

Today I completed 17 cards. Okay, Okay, I only got to 32 out of 100 cards...but hey that is 32 more than I had last Thursday.  Well Im going to bed now...CArd making wears me out. Night all.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Card total 15/100

Well I have fifteen cards so far for my 100 card challenge to myself.  I have finished a few older cards that I was working on but for new cards I have 15 new ones.  My Silhouette cutting pad is loosing stickiness and I am working on it to fix that. Though I am making lots of similar cards, none of them are exactly the same. Here are some of the new ones.

Friday, September 9, 2011

This is what I did with those cute little cobwebs...

I also made these 2 Dude You rock cards. My goal for this weekend is 100 cards so we will see how that goes. Overall though, I am thrilled with the Sillouette which I used for all of these cards. Sorry about the sideways pictures I will fix them shortly.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Isn't he worth it?

This is Andriy. Who my friend Amanda is Adopting. He is blind. He is also 4 and he needs a family soon. Amanda's family could get their travel date in as little as 6 days and they are 10,000 short on funds. 10,000 short. His little brother added his whole wallet to the funds. Please help we can do this. We need to do this.
click here to is tax deductable.

My new toy....

 Ok so awhile back Chet said I could buy a Sillouette. What is that? Well its a diecutting machine...think cricut...but without the cartridges.  Sounds expensive right. Nope mine cost 99.00 which isnt cheap but it came with 2 cutting mats and a 10 dollar girft card to the sillouette store for shapes if i dont want to find them myself. The sillouette also came with 50 shapes and it cuts any clip art or font on your computer. any. Well when I first got it Chet told me I couldnt open it (cause he was gonna set it up on a seperate computer.  Then he didnt. Then I was stalling after that cause I didnt know how long it would take to set up and all that. SO today I set it up...took 10 minutes tops. AWESOME.  And then I cut some shapes that came with it. A cute scallop square a couple circles (which are really hard to cut perfectly by hand or with a circle cutter), a birthday candle and happy birthday in a cool font.  And a flag pendant It took under a minute and those shapes were perfect! I am in love. ITS AMAZING. not gonna lie. amazing. So one of the shapes it came with was a cobweb and I wondered just how small I could make it.  Here is the pile of cobwebs that I cut small ones 1.5 inches and bigger ones 2 inches across. Tomorrow Ill show you what I am going to use them for.

Aren't they beautiful!