Saturday, September 3, 2011

My new toy....

 Ok so awhile back Chet said I could buy a Sillouette. What is that? Well its a diecutting machine...think cricut...but without the cartridges.  Sounds expensive right. Nope mine cost 99.00 which isnt cheap but it came with 2 cutting mats and a 10 dollar girft card to the sillouette store for shapes if i dont want to find them myself. The sillouette also came with 50 shapes and it cuts any clip art or font on your computer. any. Well when I first got it Chet told me I couldnt open it (cause he was gonna set it up on a seperate computer.  Then he didnt. Then I was stalling after that cause I didnt know how long it would take to set up and all that. SO today I set it up...took 10 minutes tops. AWESOME.  And then I cut some shapes that came with it. A cute scallop square a couple circles (which are really hard to cut perfectly by hand or with a circle cutter), a birthday candle and happy birthday in a cool font.  And a flag pendant It took under a minute and those shapes were perfect! I am in love. ITS AMAZING. not gonna lie. amazing. So one of the shapes it came with was a cobweb and I wondered just how small I could make it.  Here is the pile of cobwebs that I cut small ones 1.5 inches and bigger ones 2 inches across. Tomorrow Ill show you what I am going to use them for.

Aren't they beautiful!

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