Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or TReat...smelll my feet!

To my future little costumed people -
Your daddy and I are in week 7 of foster parent classes. They are interesting but I am not sure we are learning much. Maybe we are just learning to play "the game." Just like you. Next year, I hope to be making caramel apples with you and picking out the one thing you want to be most on this special night. I look forward to walking down the street with your hand in mine, and letting you experience the rustle of leaves, the thrill of ringing the doorbell and waiting with anticipation. Toby is waiting for you too. He looks longingly at any kid that will pet him or love on him. He is waiting for you.  He wants someone to play with at the park after school and he wants someone who will let him sleep on their bed.  Koda, Timid, Nitro, Connor, Kevin and Flirt wouldnt mind having some small feet in the house too. We are lonely without you and we are looking forward to what God has in store for all of us.  So if you are sitting somewhere tonight thinking that you hope most for a family to do "Halloween things" with, we are thinking it too. With all our love, Mommy & Daddy Nachtmann

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