Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crafty Project #1

So do you remember the cooler I got at the thrift store for just 75 cents? Let me remind you.
Then when I went shopping with Chet's mom I found this cute fabric. The colors are a bit off the brown is more chocolaty and the blue is a turquoise....

Anyways... So I thought I would transform the cooler into a chic lunch box. So here are the steps so you can make yourself a cute cooler!
1. Set the cooler in front of the window to make a paper pattern of the cooler shape onto copy paper.
2. Trace the pattern onto the fabric with a brown crayola marker.
3. Cut out the fabric and set aside.
4.  Liberally paint modge podge onto the cooler where the fabric is going.
5.  Place the fabric there and then paint over it with modge podge.
6.  Make sure the fabric is soaked in the modge podge.
7. Let dry then coat again.
8. When that dries take a bic white out pen and add "stitching"
9. Cover with Modge Podge a third time.
10. I covered both sides and I am thinking about cuting out a fruit for the blue part.

ENJOY!  Amanda

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting Crafty again!

Whoa watch out this month has been super creative for me. Tomorrow I will post the new little thankful books Im working on. Plus I want to show you some new cards I did. And for all you moms out there, I got a cute little paper bag turkey Im working on. Plus I would like to share with you a new book I read.  So watch out world, Im awake, I feel good and I am getting crafty!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Time to get Crafty!

So tonight I went to Wally world with my husband. Nothing new there. The other night I went and the Halloween stuff was selling for 50 percent off. I was excited cause Wally world has this section of scrapbooking stuff that is a price point of 97 cents.  They are cute little card making/page making stuff that are really well made for only 97 cents.  Score! Well they had moved the halloween part of that section into the 50 percent off section. That meant everything was 50 cents for those of you that cant count.  I bought 12.00 worth and came home one happy camper. When I got home, I checked out the stuff. They had these cute little die cut cards that came in a package of 8 for 97 cents.  Most of the time, cards at that price are cheap think paper. When i opened these up I discovered good paper with good envelopes. SCORE! So I got one set of each kind. There were 6 kinds. Anyways I have been trying to decide what to do with those awesome cards.  Then tonight when we were there the stuff was 75 percent off. So everything was 24 cents. Less than a quarter people! And they still had a lot of stuff. I was able to get 4 more sets of each kind of card.....for a dollar! BIG SCORE! so I got all the stuff you see above for 16.00. Amazing.
Then as I was unwrapping the stuff from the packages (to save a little space), I made the cardboard packaging into some shabby chic tags.  Here's how
1. First I sanded the words off of the tag. I left them kinda there cause I liked the way they looked.
2. (center photo) and 3. Then I painted them with Acryllic paint. I picked fallish colors, turquoise, barn red, cream, orange, and brown
4. I even used colored tags.
5. Then I stacked them up to use on another project.

He's engaged!

So... my brother got engaged last weekend, and he's decided to have the wedding next weekend. wow. that is moving a little quick for me. They think they are just going to the courthouse on the 11th and gonna get hitched.  I wanna be there. I wanna witness it. Who does that? Just sayin' oh! 11.11.11 sounds like a fun day to get married.   I'm just sayin'