Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crafty Project #1

So do you remember the cooler I got at the thrift store for just 75 cents? Let me remind you.
Then when I went shopping with Chet's mom I found this cute fabric. The colors are a bit off the brown is more chocolaty and the blue is a turquoise....

Anyways... So I thought I would transform the cooler into a chic lunch box. So here are the steps so you can make yourself a cute cooler!
1. Set the cooler in front of the window to make a paper pattern of the cooler shape onto copy paper.
2. Trace the pattern onto the fabric with a brown crayola marker.
3. Cut out the fabric and set aside.
4.  Liberally paint modge podge onto the cooler where the fabric is going.
5.  Place the fabric there and then paint over it with modge podge.
6.  Make sure the fabric is soaked in the modge podge.
7. Let dry then coat again.
8. When that dries take a bic white out pen and add "stitching"
9. Cover with Modge Podge a third time.
10. I covered both sides and I am thinking about cuting out a fruit for the blue part.

ENJOY!  Amanda

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