Thursday, December 29, 2011

A conversation I had recently....

This past month, the little girl I work with (Abby) and I were talking about who I might adopt.  Abby is advocating for a blind child she wont be the only one. :) I told her that in some Eastern European countries blind kids arent allowed to go to school or even leave the place they are staying. I was trying to tell her in the least traumatic way possible. And she said,"wow", "I sure am glad I wasn't born there!" to which I said ..."Me too!"

This is the truth people ....Think of any capable little kid you know. Now think about living in a conrete building with a little play area for the rest of their lives. No family. No freedom. No schooling. No art. No recess. No reading. Nothing to escape to. Think about it. THis is the reality for some today...Help us rescue a child from this. Please doante to the chip in and possibly win a great prize while you are at it!

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