Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Special needs ? in Eastern Europe?

Simple. I am familiar with blind children, as most of you know.  Did you know that blind children are the last choice in adoption? A deaf child or a physically disabled child will always be chosen over the blind child. Why? Because people see being blind as the worst thing ever. But its not. It is just another thing in life.

Why Eastern Europe?
Well... the children that have special needs in that area are placed in mental institutions. They don't go to school. They don't go on field trips. They are stuck in those concrete walls for life.  They are sentenced to life in prison for being different. If the parents keep the child they are ostracized and there are no services or physicians to treat conditions.  THings that are easily treated here are death sentences to those children over there.  I know of one child in Serbia who is 8 and blind. He is the size of a four yearold he weighs 30 pounds. He will never go to school. He has no OT, no PT no braille instructor.  He is contained because they fear he will hurt himself.  He is kept in a crib all day long, he is fed mush through a bottle, or shoveled into his mouth by someone who has 50 children to feed and not enough time to wait for him to do it himself.  He throws toys in frustration, not to hurt. He begs to go outside to the little playground.  He is the reason For the NOOK fundraiser.  Help him. Help these children PLEASE!

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  1. I will share this in the morning. Andriy is in about a 3T clothes and size 4 toddler shoe (and he is at a good place) :( Even my two year old wears a size 8 toddler. Can't wait to see who is going to be your lucky child.