Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book banning and other things

I have read the comments I get and the last one made me think. The post I made to Jules Smith wasn't meant to be hurtful and to tell the truth she didn't hurt me any. I was told she would post and when she did I felt I had to say something to her whomever she is. She spends a lot of time commenting negative comments on RR peoples blogs.  I don't mean ill will as the last commenter pointed out.  What I am saying is "this is my house" And we are nice to each other here.  And God says they same thing. 1) I am praying for her and whatever has made her so bitter and 2) Sometimes I think deleting comments is like banning books. To completely wipe things off the earth so that people never see the evil isn't healthy to anyone.

So I've stood on my onto other cheery things... have you seen Ten for Orphans?  Though you cant see her Vika is number 5. Please promote ten for orphans on your blog so that Josiah's money will be full and he will fall off the list. Then we will see Vika.

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  1. I thought that your response to Jules was one of the best ones I've seen. Generally, I think it's wise to follow the common advice not to feed the trolls, but in the case of these people (person?) going after RR families, I think a non-emotional, confident reassertion of why this is important is a good thing. The persistence of these critics just cries out for some sort of engagement. Why are they doing this? They aren't just random jerks who'll attack anybody, but people with some big issues about international adoption. Or something.

    I recently encountered some really vicious criticism myself on a non-related website on a post about serving the poor. My fairly innocuous comment encouraging international special needs adoption was met with a nastiness that I would never have imagined. On a Christian website! I was demoralized and scared to respond, but finally got on my big girl drawers and took it on.

    It's true what people say - this is a battle that brings out a lot of darkness. Thank you for fighting the good fight. :)

    Yay for Vika getting in line on Ten for Orphans!!!! I joined, and can't wait to see it grow!!!!!