Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fundraiser for Vika

Your choice of 20 cards from Ollie and Sully

One 8x10 Print your choice from Red Letter Ink

A $10.00 credit to A Drop in the Bucket
Or a NEW Nook Tablet worth $249.00. Read about it here.

I wanted to make it easy for all people to enter the fundraiser so here are the amounts:
10$ = 1 entry, 20$ = 3 entries, 50$ = 15 entries, 100$ = 45 entries

You can donate to the chip in or to our FSP through Reece's Rainbow here
All donations to Reece's Ranbow are tax deductable whereas they are not through the chip in. The money donated to our FSP is not given to us until we travel and most expenses occur before then so that is why we have a chip in. Thanks in advance for all your help bringing VIKA home.


  1. You have no idea the joy and excitement that I felt seeing your sweet girl get moved to the MFFM page! I had just featured her and several other little ones a few days before on my blog. So happy for you!!
    ~Adopting Sydney and Lucien

    1. thanks you so much for your kind comments! WE are excioted to see where this journey takes us!

    2. Amanda! Congrats!!! Sorry about the homestudy visit. I have some suggestions. Our daughter has been home for just over a year! We are also located in mid missouri :) Email me sometime!

  2. I am in the UK, have a daughter with Down Syndrome, she is utterly delightful.
    Being from another country I don't know your system, you say most expenses occur before travel, but Reece's is raising money which only gets released when you travel. What expenses are you raising for, and what expenses do they cover?
    Hope you don't mind me asking.
    My best wishes for your journey to adopting.

    1. that is a good question. Almost all the upfront expenses the commitment fee, the homestudy, fingerprints, dossier submission fee are not covered and those can total around 5000-7000 dollars