Monday, January 30, 2012

Make A Difference Monday

MEET Ivan K.!

Ivan has Apert syndrome. Apert syndrome is where one of the sutures in the skull become fused too quickly. Kids with Apert syndrome are of normal intelligence.  They need surgery to open the closed sutures so that the brain isn't damaged by the pressure.
This is what his RR profile says:
From his medical records: Apert syndrome.  Congenital hydrocephalus, currently compensated. (The child's doctor means the child is no longer hydrocephalic.)   Accrete fingers and toes.  Partially cleft palate. (The doctor says he will not be able to speak unless he has been operated for this issue.)
The boy understands what is said to him.  He walks.  The doctor believes the child has a favorable prognosis.   MORE PICTURES and Complete Medical History AVAILABLE.

Update Nov 2011:  He needs surgery very soon or he will miss the window of opportunity to correct the fusion of his skull bones before it damages his brain.  The webbed fingers and toes seem to have all of the bones present by the pictures, but we would need an x-ray to be sure.

Please consider giving to Ivan's fund he desperately needs to have his skull surgery!!!
if you can donate something click here. Andrea Roberts the founder of Reeces rainbow says that children really need close to 10,000 in their fund to make people come forward to be families.  Ivan has 1,265. Lets help him get to 10,000 people. We can do it!!

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