Sunday, January 22, 2012

To Jules Smith - (A Well known Hater)

I was warned about you. I've got your number. Im sorry you dislike adoption but I am glad we live in a country where even you can give your opinion. But it doesnt matter to me. My God moved mountains this weekend ye of little faith. And I want to praise him. So Jules, in the name of Jesus, I order you back to the depths of wherever you came. In the bible that is what it says to do with you people in the mean time even though I know its a fake name...Ill be praying for you and storming heaven and now that prayers are being said for you, you cant stop what's coming. 

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  1. Hi Amanda
    A piece of advice... you may want to delete this post. By acknowledging ill will you are helping it grow in strength. If you can turn the other cheek you will be a lot better off in God's eyes and in the eyes of those who want to help and support you. Just a thought! Blessings!!!