Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Remember this?

Remember when I talked about ten for orphans and these boys? And how I was praying for them and advertizing for them because Vika was set to be number 5? Well its the first day of a new month. And Josiah, has 6975.00 to go but he went for a month and a half and they raised over 13000.00 for him in that time period.  I am still praying that he will get all his funds soon. His momma has gotten some matching grants and it looks like they are well on their way!! Well in the Number one spot is Ivan K. who is a little cutie with Apert Syndrome. He only has 1275.50 in his account so far and no family for him yet. Are you Ivan's family?

The other boys have funds that are growing too. #3 Maxim has over 6000 in his account.  That's right, last month he had zero now over 6000.00. Is our God amazing or what?

Little #4 Valentin is another that God has moved major obstacles for in a couple month's time. In 2 months, Valentine had a family, lost that family, got a new family and had people pull together to raise 17000.00 for him. That's right 17000.00. His new family has also gotten their paperwork done extremely fast and their dossier was just submitted and they will be travelling soon.  Because of this he drops off the ten for orphans because his money is being raised faster than the Ten for Orphans line.  PRAISE GOD!!! what does this mean for VIKA?

Well guess who is #3? Vika is. That's right. GOD moved mountains for Valentin, and thus moved mountains for Vika. Go. Check it out. SEE IT 4 YOURSELF!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012