Friday, February 17, 2012

Just an update

This was an email I mailed to a friend but I thought it explained things well:
Just updating you that we signed with a new home study place and they faxed the form to Reece's rainbow now we are just waiting on RR to put the FSP back up though I'm afraid they wont until our home-study is complete. We will see. I cant believe that the first agency created this mess but I'm praying about them and all the bitter feelings I have.  We knew they were dishonest we felt it emanating from the person we met with and we are so glad that we are not working with them. Just wanted to update you so you weren't left wondering whats going on. 

Also as a side note Chet got me a late valentine's present...Straight from God. We really needed a minivan to hold any and all of the kids we are planning to foster/adopt.  That said we could never have bought one. ever. we just don't have that kind of money lying around. So God moved mountains and we now have one its a 2006, cherry red town and country. Much better than we were even praying for. Ill get pictures on here later. WE are sooo blessed. God has been so good to us this year!!

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