Monday, March 5, 2012

Fundraiser this Past Weekend

We had a fundraiser this past weekend and we will be doing another in 2 weeks! We raised about 120$ this past one!! Praise GOD! Anything on the plus side is something more than we had before.I still feel like no one knows it is going on and if I could just tell the people everywhere what cute crafts these are they would want to do them.  I make the prices on the crafts anywhere from 1$ to 3$ so that a family can give 5 dollars to each child and they can make their choice that equals five dollars. They can do 5 or 4 or 2 if they choose.We havent had large numbers but God is moving the hearts of those there. I am also selling kits of the crafts to send to your house with eveything you need. The cost on those is 20$ just pay the chip in and tell me in the comments that you want a craft box. The picture above is just a few of the crafts we do.  If you cant buy some or come....Please pray...Pray that God shows the people around us what is going on in Eastern Europe and that somebody has a heart for Vika!!

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  1. Awesome! good luck with the next one.

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