Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Got Invitations?

So a coworker at my school, that has been a big supporter of our adoption fundraising has asked me to make some invitations for a wedding shower she is hosting. The wedding is a destination wedding on the beach and it was super fun to research for the invites the ones they chose are both contemporary and elegant. They will be very cool. I will take a picture of them to show you once I finish them all. So that got me thinking. Does anybody else want any invites. I can design digital ones, that you can print at Wal-mart or from your own computer or I can do paper ones. Does you child want a birthday party featuring some cartoon that nobody has party stuff for? With my silhouette I can do that for you. Need banners? Place mats? party favors? I can do that too!! Need craft sets for 10 kids or 20 I can do that too.  Let me know if you need anything crafty. VIKA needs a mommy and a daddy and we are doing ANYTHING we can to get her here.

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