Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Awhile ago...

In Reece's Rainbow world, there were 2 boys that were teenagers and were very close to not getting the family they always wanted. They were about to age out of the system.  At 15 kids can no longer be adopted from Eastern Europe. And these were 2 great young men that were happy despite the crummy life they have had so far.  Well the Morton family decided to adopt Sam, but even though they wanted Duncan they thought he should have a family all his own. But a family that was interested fell through for Duncan so ....They decided to adopt him too. Why am I telling you this? It's simple really. They are having an IPOD touch giveaway on their blog. So Far they only have 55$ in donations and it ends April 19th. Also they have been given a match grant for 2000 dollars and they are 811$ short. So if you give to them today...your money will be doubled and you will be entered in the drawing for an IPOD touch. Go to their blog. Send them some love, enter the IPOD giveaway and help them meet their match grant of 2000.


  1. Yes yes encourage these underprepared folks to adopt near adults (16 is the age of majority in Ukraine)!! Then thru can claim it's the Lord's will when they disrupt a few weeks or months later, just like the Loud family!!

    The Louds adopted 4 teens and disrupted 3 in less than 5 mos!! One within 35 (!!) days!! The heartbreak of those kids! The hubris of their quick to give up on them a-parents... A forever fam for less than 6 months! Appalling!!


    1. Believe it or not...the Lord calls people to adopt teenagers the same as adopting babies. I am sorry that you are so angry but know this...God is still there for you and he is waiting for you to come to him. Disruption is a horrible thing for the child and for the parents. But don't you think those kds have more opportunities on our country?

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I had read about Victoria on RR and thrilled she has a family! I am praying for you as you bring that sweet girl home. Thanks so much for sharing Duncan and Sam's story!! I found your blog from their mom's, so was thrilled to hop over and visit. :)

  3. Thank you Amanda for posting!