Monday, April 2, 2012

The Chip in went up, and up and UP!

Well last night was a busy night for our chip-in. Every time I checked back at it. It had gone up each time. Final total on the chip in was 650.59. Wondering about that .59? I was too but one kind person figured that was the fee that pay pal charged and she wanted us to get the full amount.  :) That is awesome!! The final total on our Reece's Rainbow account was 610.00. For a while I was wondering what was so important about the number 610. Sometimes I think God speaks through number references. So anyways it made me think of one of my favorite verses Ephesians 6:10 which is Be strong in the Lord and in his powerful might. Or it can also say Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power depending on which version you read. It just goes back to another post I read on a blog about giving something over to God and then taking it back. So Isn't God amazing? He worked through you and he doubled our funds in one day!!! AMAZING!!  So anyways, I have closed that chip in and I expect to get a list from Reece's Rainbow of the names of the donors to their site shortly. After that happens we will draw for the winner...Thank you to all who donated. Amanda

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