Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GET 25 dollars at Target just for sharing our Fundraiser!!

Thanks to a dear lady...Natalie Gonzalos, From now until May 4th  you can enter to win a 25 dollar gift card to Target. How does this work?? Well its simple really. If you share our fundraiser on your blog or Facebook page you get one entry each time you share and in each place that you share.  If you do a blog post about Vika or the fundraiser then you get 5 entries for the gift card. If you chain email your friends then you also get 5 entries.
So lets say I post about Vika on the blog and mention the fundraiser that is 6 entries. Then if I share on Facebook that is 1 entry for each share. Confused? Its ok we'll work it out. If you post somewhere and I don't see it send me a comment or email me at  Thank you Amanda

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