Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We intterupt our regular scheduled broadcast for...

Maxim. So yeah I'm gonna talk about Maxim again. Rumor has it he has a family that is working toward him but that they have to remain anonymous a little while longer. That said he still need OUR HELP. The family, who ever they are, are going to need a large grant to help get him home. Due to his medical needs that have been neglected sooo long he will need a special medical transport home.  His legs wont allow him to fit into a regular airplane seat or space. He has SIX days left in the Ten for Orphans spotlight. Will you help him? Just give ten dollars a month or 12 or 2 if we all work together we can get this precious boy home!! Go to www.tenfororphans.org and check it out.

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  1. he's on the MFFM page! nearly fell off my chair with joy! xxx