Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why did I mention Spina Bifida?

Well its simple really. This month's ten for orphans CHOSEN orphan is Maxim. Maxim is 14 and he has Spina bifida. His problems that stem from his Spina bifida could have and would have been fixed when he was a baby if he was born here in the United States. As it is he was born in the Ukraine and they didn't have the medical care to fix any of his issues so now here he is 10 years old with some REAL issues. But if we can raise the money for him and get the word out about him, we can find him a family and they can start right in on the medical stuff.  He already knows some English and he is super smart even though he hasn't EVER gone to school. And he needs your help. Go to and give him 10$. Then after so many people give ten dollars he will have a large enough grant that a family will want to adopt him. Right now people are scared about the Spina Bifida and about the costs for his medical care. Let's help ease their worries and find him a family!!

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