Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LET's pray and share about the COOPER family!!

I talked to this mom the other night on facebook. I told her I would do a blog post just to get their story out there. I am not sure who exactly reads my blog since I very rarely get comments so I just thought I'll keep sharing stories and maybe people will share them. And make it an easier journey for this family!!
Stephanie, the mom told me, "We're submitted, so we'll probably be traveling on the first trip in mid July. We still need about $13,500. We are adopting Michelle, she's blind and has CP, and she has been transferred to an institution for almost 2 years. We're also adopting Felica...she's 3 and has CP. 

Did you catch that?? This family is adopting 2 girls both with CP and 1 of them is blind. Michelle, who is blind was transferred over 2 years ago to an institution. THEY need to raise that money quickly. An institution for a 5 year old is no place to be. THEY got definite signs from GOD that these are their children. Can we help bring them home??? YES we can. Can our God move mountains?? YES HE CAN. go here to donate http://reecesrainbow.org/31973/sponsorcooper-2 and
Follow their blog http://www.lordisourshepherd.blogspot.com/  and help out or share if you can. For after all Jesus says in the bible, "Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me also!"

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why being "Fully funded" doesn't mean fully funded

My mom asked me tonight why we are still raising money if we are "Fully Funded" That is a good question that I thought I should explain more in depth. First I should explain how Reece's Rainbow works. They are an organization that is here for the orphans not for the families. So all the money raised for a family is really the child's money. That way if the family walks away from the child, then the child still has the money to be adopted by someone else. If a family has all their ducks in a row, then when they get a travel date from the Ukraine, Reece's Rainbow releases their funds to the family so they can book flights and such. So that means that there are several expenses not covered by the Reece's rainbow money because it is due before we ever get those monies. Does that mean we will have left over money in the end??. Maybe but A LOT of families run into extra expenses on the trip that they have to raise money for when they are out of the country. We are trying like heck to avoid that.  IF WE do have any extra we will donate it to another child listed on RR so that they might be adopted as well. As I said before there is the possibility of us adopting 2 while we are there and we might have my nieces travel with us for the second trip which means extra expenditures.  There are lots of ways that things can crop up so that is why we are raising beyond our "Fully funded status"

Take this past 2 weeks for example, We had 4 medical forms to be filled out at the cost of $35 dollars a form. The testing for the medicals was $154 dollars and so that made a grand total of $289 for that alone. Then we had to get fingerprints again for the state...which was $52.50 per person, total $105.00 So you can see where the money goes...WE keep a separate account just for Vika that we pay everything out of...we didn't want the funds we raised to mingle with our personal accounts so we keep them separate.

$2000 ............ homestudy
$890 ............ USCIS,i-600a and fingerprinting
$5000 ............ flights
$8500 ............ facilitator fees
$ 500 ..............dosssier prep fee
$1700 ............ first trip lodging ($80/nt 3 weeks)
$1100 ............ second trip lodging ($80/nt 2 weeks)
$450 ............ first trip food/other supplies ($20/day 3 weeks)
$250 ............ second trip food/other supplies ($20/day 2 weeks)
$600 ............ passport 
$550 ............ Visa and Medical
$2000 ............ transportation (in country)
25,000 21090.00 TOTAL

Thirty one PARTY!!!

Just got word from a friend this Weekend she will donate her commissions from a THIRTY-ONE party to our adoption!! please follow this link www.mythirtyone.com/brandipowell and click on My Parties then Amanda Holmes and order away!! Thanks to all for helping out.

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Ten for Orphan spotlight

Taylor is the the new orphan in the spotlight and she is such a cutie. She is HIV+ and a shining star as far as I am concerned. This is what is says about her at TFO (tens for orphans)PLEASE help if you can www.tenfororphans.org

Current Sponsored Orphan: Taylor

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Current Sponsored Orphan: Taylor
Most Info obtained from Reece’s Rainbow:
Taylor was born in May 2005. She is a sweet girl who is HIV+. She asks for a family so often. So many Reece’s Rainbow families have traveled to her orphanage, but never for her. Sadly, because of her age, she is in danger of being transferred. She is growing up so fast and ever aware that she has no family of her own. One of Reece’s Rainbow’s adoptive families who visited with Taylor in April 2012 said that she was “very sweet, smart, and loved on the baby. She wanted to talk to us very badly and was learning some English. She is tall and very pretty.”
In an exciting turn of events, Joe and Nicole Dewberry recently felt God leading them to adopt Taylor! She is turning seven in May 2012, so what an amazing birthday gift for her to be FOUND! They were told to expect to be in country by June 7th or June 11th, so that is only about TWO weeks away! Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of their control, they find themselves in a fundraising EMERGENCY! They need a total of $28,000, and only around $2,000 of it has come in as of May 25, 2012. You can find more on the Dewberrys story below. Please also check out this blog post by Taylor’s future aunt, Denise Collins, for more details on this family’s situation: http://onelittlestarfish.blogspot.com/2012/05/spare-change-challenge.html

Thursday, May 24, 2012


My cousin has 2 little boys. One of them, Sully was born with a cleft palate and a whole host of issues stemming from that. But he is making such progress. Occasionally he has lethargic episodes that last for weeks. He hasn't had one since November but he is having one now. Can you join me in PRAYING for SULLY?? this is the post taken from her blog http://towfamily.blogspot.com/

Quick Update!

Hello!  We are moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Praise God! We love our house and are slowly getting settled! Thanks so much to all who helped!

 The main reason I wanted to update was to ask for prayer for our sweet boy. He has gone into another lethargic phase. He has not had one since last Nov and we did NOT miss them at all. I forgot how horrible they were.  He started gagging a lot and not acting like himself last week and then went totally into it this last weekend. We are hoping he comes out of if soon. Thank you so much to all my prayer warriors out there!

Specific prayers:
1. He would not get a hernia or blow through his stomach wrap with all the gagging.
2. The doctors would be able to figure out  what is causing it...so far no ideas!
3. We would be able to figure out something to "help" during the phases...it is so hard to watch and not be able to really do anything to change how miserable he feels.

Thank you so much! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fundraiser is still going on

We still have a fundraiser going on here at There's one Less.Prizes are as follows:

1.  Family Bowl donated by Erin Lynne Meissner of Elm Studios
2. Choice from 2 beanies from Chunky Monkey Beanies
3.  40 dollar gift certificate from Alicia B from sierrametaldesign
4. From Becky, mother of Alina,  justplainbeckyw
5. Donated by Pippa Armbrester at Pippa Patchworks
6. 3 certificates from Natalie Winder from PaperAndPip
7. Donated by Sarah Jones at MyPlaceInThisWorld PLEASE GO like her on FACEBOOK!!
8.  Get up and Go retreat sponsored by Valley church, West Des Moines, IA
9.  A card board monogram from Marta Cross at C is for cardboard
10. From Caroline Lankford at Blue Moon Tavern, who is adopting her own little one, A Handmade princess subway art sign.
11.  From Colleen at 2sistershandcrafted your choice of either pendant.
12. Merci Beaucoup cards with envelopes from  Heather Dodgers at Lanyapstudious (not pictured)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PLEASE pray share our donate for the Jenks Family -

This link came across my page from a friend :
Today, I realized there is a family with an URGENT need! The Jenks family are traveling in TWO weeks to adopt a precious little boy AND a girl, and they are still short $6,300! They found out that plane tickets have gone up $200 per person, and they still lack the money to get the passports for Sydney and Lucien, their medicals and visas, and for all of their flights home! They are taking only one trip to keep costs down as much as possible, and yet, they are still significantly short on funds. Time is running out, so if you can help in ANY way by donating and by sharing about this need with others, please visit here: http://reecesrainbow.org/27586/sponsorjenks Also, here is a link to the family's blog: http://www.becauseyouareloved.blogspot.com/ Thank you for any help you can provide! Above all, please pray that God will meet their financial need quickly!

I know all too well the pressure of the money worry please help the Jenks family. Even if you cant give you can pray which really helps a lot and you can share it on your facebook which really helps as well.

God still performs MIRACLES

Over the weekend and yesterday. God worked a miracle in someones heart. First Vika's fund was at $6162.80. Which we were super excited that it made it over $6000. But then we recieved a text that read have you seen her fund?? And we looked at it. It was $10,042.80. I four thousand dollar donation had come in. I was so overjoyed thanking God and Praising him. We were over half way there. Honestly, though I knew GOD works miracles, I wasn't sure it would happen quickly. But it did. Then it did again. On Monday, We got the news while we were at the doctors with Patrick, that there had been another donation. A LARGE ONE. This time for 10 thousand dollars. So our fund is at $19782.80. It would be an even $20,000 but paypal takes a percentage. SO anyways that is our total. AMAZING. If we decide to adopt another child before we go that is $5000 more. There is a girl in the orphanage that we know about who is blind also she is one year older than Vika. Chet says we can adopt her too if I can prove to him we can afford her medical expenses. Also we have gotten word that flights used to be $600 per person and now they are $800-1000 dollars so that is $400-800 more that we need to have there. So what am I saying. I'm saying that while our FSP is almost full, we are still raising. But believe you me, the main pressure is off. Now all we need to do is get our references from people.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

All hands to God in prayer for Zachy!

My friend Nat. visited the orphanage where Vika is from June last summer to just before Christmas. She is going back this summer. She is a great person. She also has a real big heart for the orphans there. This little boy is 5 he is wearing size 6-9 months clothing.  His name is Zachy and he is sooo cute!! He is also in need of medical care to figure out why he is so small and can't put weigh on his legs.
Scary huh? want to know more?? go to his link here to donate:

WEll we were fine...then we weren't

We thought we were getting placement of a teenager. then we didn't Everything was fine till they visited our house. So on to greener pastures I say or whatever. Vika's fund is growing and we are working on our physicals for our dossier. It has been a week so far. Some of the tests the people had never heard of. We are trying to round up our references and are not having much luck there either.
And the winner of the SHARE or BLOG POST about the fundraiser is ....Amanda Burlingham
you are the winner of a 25$ target gift card. She is adopting and if you would like follow her blog it is www.justonemore4us.blogspot.com  She has been through a lot and has yet to travel but she doesnt stop advocating for other orphans. Also she is selling a magnet for your car on her blog so hop on over and check it out.!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wait and See

Well we are in a holding pattern now. Its a wait and see kind of thing. The first talks made it sound like we would be getting the boy and now we don't know. Oh WELL, we are getting good at waiting. Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

For this I have saved you

This morning on Facebook I read this post. And hmm, I thought so I called the number. Then Adam answered and after our conversation we are having a visit tomorrow to update our home-study for them and if all goes well then we are gonna take care of that boy. For 5 months. They are looking to place him within the next 2 days. We are gonna have a teenager!! and just like that we know that God is saying,"For this I have saved you!"
Stephanie Nance and Renee Sasser Loux shared Safe Families For Children Kansas City's status update.

Urgent need!!! We need a Safe Family for an amazing 13 year old boy. We need a home for him this week. Also, families who have a current foster care license or a current adoption home study can be expedited to be a Safe Family very quickly. If you can help please call Adam at 816.226.8280 or email adamparker@safefamilieskc.org.

  • Safe Families are needed in the Kansas City area.
    · · 4 hours ago ·

  • More Safe Families are needed! If you have a current foster care license or adoption home study (we can expedite you as a Safe Family) and think you might be able to provide temporary care for an amazing 13-year old boy who really needs a Safe Family. Please email Adam at adamparker@safefamilieskc.org or call him at 816.226.8280.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yeah - school is out. Today we finally got into the doctor for physicals...we had to reschedule once and the doctor rescheduled once. We go back on Thursday to get our TB tests read and to pick up the forms.  We also got the sheriff's department to do their checks. They were tough to get and a whole lot of rigamarole

for 2 sheets of paper. Took another reference form to a friend and basically spent the day chasing paperwork. I was so glad to have the day off to work on it. Chet was mad at me cause I never told him he would have to pee in a cup and get a shot and blood work done for the physical. Who doesn't know that anyways?? It is so hard being married to a doctor phobic person. Now if we can just get all our references in we will be golden!! Even with all the paperwork I know she is worth it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The cost of ADOPTION

$2000 ............ homestudy
$2000 ............ USCIS,i-600a and fingerprinting
$5000 ............ flights
$8600 ............ facilitator fees
$1700 ............ first trip lodging ($80/nt 3 weeks)
$1100 ............ second trip lodging ($80/nt 2 weeks)
$450 ............ first trip food/other supplies ($20/day 3 weeks)
$250 ............ second trip food/other supplies ($20/day 2 weeks)
$600 ............ passport
$550 ............ Visa and Medical
$2000 ............ transportation (in country)
$1000 ............ orphanage donation/dossier preparation costs
25,000 22550.00 TOTAL

Remember when I published this awhile ago?? Well we got a phone call today that told us a family that we know wanted to cover the $450.00 for the first trip food and other supplies. PRAISE GOD that is so amazing and wonderful.  Just wanted to tell you about our birthday miracle. See I told you there would be one!!

Also remember I was asking for our number to go to and even $2000.00 in our FSP and $1000.00 in our chip-in ?? Well our chip -in is still at $90 but our FSP has gone from $762.20 to $637.20. That is $125 in one days time. Thank you thank you everyone...that along with the $450 means that for my birthday we have raised about $700 dollars.  Thank you all!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

We are down to 762.20

My wish is almost about to come true. Only $762.20 more until we reach the $2000.00 dollar mark in our FSP. So really I am hoping that by my birthday , May 13th that this would happen. Can we do it?? Definitely we can.  PRAY with me and remember to share on FACEBOOK. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MY birthday wish

I know. I am so lucky right?? To share my birthday with all the moms in the world?? NOT but as I get closer to being a momma Its getting to be ok. I mean Ill always have a gift right?? Well my wish for this mothers day is to get $2000.00 in our FSP and $1000.00 in our Chip - In. Well right now our chip in has $90. So I am praying that by my birthday there will be 797.20 more in the FSP. And that there will be $910.00 more in the Chip-in. That is roughly 1600.00. That is a lot of money. Can our God manage that?? I know he can, Can you all pray that he does. I know you can. PLEASE PRAY WITH me!!

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

Abby has decided to be in band next year. I am glad. I miss band. The part that really worries me?? She will need to learn Braille music which means that I will need to learn braille music. That wouldn't be a problem if I didn't already read music and that the braille name of the a note is the b and the name of the b note is a braille c. So anyways, I'm confused. yikes! it means another summer of learning braille. Anybody got any index cards so I can make flash cards?? And it means if I ever go blind I will still me able to play in a band!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fundraiser Reminder

3. http://www.etsy.com/shop/sierrametaldesign
4. http://www.etsy.com/shop/justplainbeckyw
5. http://www.etsy.com/shop/PippaPatchwork


Did ya see that our 857.20 became 827.20. JUST like that. I am praying that it becomes zero soon.  Fundraising is funny sometimes. Sometimes it goes quickly and people get large donations and they are off!! to go get their orphan and back before you can even blink. Then sometimes, it trickles in slowly and sometimes you get some here and some there. Well the here and there is how it has been going for us. I'm not complaining at all, but Its funny how you really gotta lean on God extra a lot when your faith is sooo little.  It's my birthday on May 13th. So for My birthday I want to make it to 2000.00 in our FSP. Can it happen that quickly. Sure it can. PLEASE pray with me that it does!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


What is that amount?? Well. $852.20 is what we need to reach $6000.00 in Vika's funding. That's it. That's all we need to reach $6000.00. Is she worth it? You bet. Can you join me in praying for, begging for $852.20?? Write it on your hand or your bathroom mirror pray with me 852.20,852.20 and maybe we can pray it into being...thanks

Just another day in PARADISE

So Yesterday was really hard for me. Work can just plain kill you sometimes.  So I went to bed at 8:30 pm and I woke up this morning hoping it would be better. When I checked in at Ten for Orphans this morning, I saw that our fund had moved. And already I know that today is better. I got word the other night, that Natalie Colyer the missionary who visited the orphanage last summer is going to be able to go again. She will be able to see Vika before us and to whisper words of love to her. I am thinking about going to build a bear to make a bear that says mamma loves you and daddy loves you and Toby wufs you. Nat would take her something if I asked. What do you guys think? She is also gonna measure her for a cane so that we can take one her size to her.  My Papa (grandpa) donated 25 bucks to the chip-in. Don't ya just love Grandpa's? That's all I know talk at ya later!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

We have reached one thousand

In our FSP at Reece's rainbow we have reached 1000.00 and gone a little bit beyond. We came into the month with 660.00 in our account I believe and since then we have made 410.00  through ten for orphans. Thank you to all who have donated so far. I am hoping that it keeps going. We only have 1 month in this spotlight and I am praying that we can make the most of it. Our chip in fundraiser account also has 1000.00 in it. We are paying the final homestudy payment and our Dutch mill bulbs payment from that account. The New Hope in Sight Fundraiser hopefully will also bring in some more so we can pay for our USCIS clearances. That is what is going on here. What is happening in your neck of the woods?? Amanda

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Josiah is Fully funded

yes he is. You heard that right. The Jobes family is fully funded and they can go get Josiah when his country tells them to travel. PRAISE GOD!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The crazy facebooker

I have been posting on Facebook like crazy, But I feel a need to get the word out about Victoria as much as possible. I sent a letter to all my family and friends but so far only my Sunday school class and my online friends are posting. But that's OK. It is what it is. But since starting off 3 days ago at Ten for Orphans , Vika's fund has grown $180.00 and that is wonderful. I want to thank anyone who has given, who has shared or who has been praying. It is working, her fund is increasing!! P.s this picture is Vika age 4.

Remember Josiah?

WEll I had to tell you guys about this post I just read. Go read it. Find out about Josiah.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta help someone

So here's the thing. I love to advocate for my orphan...my Victoria. But in a world that is filled with injustice and strife how much of a person would I be if I failed to shout out for other orphans? Not any kind of person. So you all know that Ten for Orphans is near and dear to my heart because they confirmed to us that God meant for Victoria to be our child.  Well, today I want to talk about the first orphan that they spotlighted. His name is Josiah. Here is a picture of him. Josiah has already been transferred to the institution so the sooner they can get there to him the better. His family has received a matching grant until May 6th all donations to their FSP will be matched up to $2500.00 So that means you donate 5 it becomes 10, you donate 10 it becomes 20.  They only have this matching grant for a limited time. I urge you please help this family. http://reecesrainbow.org/26162/sponsorjobes-2

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Thanks to Kristi Kerr-

IT takes a lot of courage to be the first at anything. But it really takes a lot of courage to be the first to plunk your money down in someone's fundraiser. This is what Kristi did. I don't think I even know her (If I do remind me) But she donated to the fundraiser and by doing so she said..I believe in you, I believe in the reason you are doing this, I want Vika to have a better life, I think it is with you. Or she just wanted one of the cool prizes. CHECK OUT THE FUNDRAISER.

Victoria is now in the spotlight!!

THIS month's ten for Orphans orphan is Victoria. MY Victoria. So go there and check it out and share on your facebook walls and get the word out. Thank you in advance. Amanda