Tuesday, May 22, 2012

God still performs MIRACLES

Over the weekend and yesterday. God worked a miracle in someones heart. First Vika's fund was at $6162.80. Which we were super excited that it made it over $6000. But then we recieved a text that read have you seen her fund?? And we looked at it. It was $10,042.80. I four thousand dollar donation had come in. I was so overjoyed thanking God and Praising him. We were over half way there. Honestly, though I knew GOD works miracles, I wasn't sure it would happen quickly. But it did. Then it did again. On Monday, We got the news while we were at the doctors with Patrick, that there had been another donation. A LARGE ONE. This time for 10 thousand dollars. So our fund is at $19782.80. It would be an even $20,000 but paypal takes a percentage. SO anyways that is our total. AMAZING. If we decide to adopt another child before we go that is $5000 more. There is a girl in the orphanage that we know about who is blind also she is one year older than Vika. Chet says we can adopt her too if I can prove to him we can afford her medical expenses. Also we have gotten word that flights used to be $600 per person and now they are $800-1000 dollars so that is $400-800 more that we need to have there. So what am I saying. I'm saying that while our FSP is almost full, we are still raising. But believe you me, the main pressure is off. Now all we need to do is get our references from people.

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  1. Wow, Amanda, that is AMAZING!!! God is good indeed!