Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just another day in PARADISE

So Yesterday was really hard for me. Work can just plain kill you sometimes.  So I went to bed at 8:30 pm and I woke up this morning hoping it would be better. When I checked in at Ten for Orphans this morning, I saw that our fund had moved. And already I know that today is better. I got word the other night, that Natalie Colyer the missionary who visited the orphanage last summer is going to be able to go again. She will be able to see Vika before us and to whisper words of love to her. I am thinking about going to build a bear to make a bear that says mamma loves you and daddy loves you and Toby wufs you. Nat would take her something if I asked. What do you guys think? She is also gonna measure her for a cane so that we can take one her size to her.  My Papa (grandpa) donated 25 bucks to the chip-in. Don't ya just love Grandpa's? That's all I know talk at ya later!!

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