Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LET's pray and share about the COOPER family!!

I talked to this mom the other night on facebook. I told her I would do a blog post just to get their story out there. I am not sure who exactly reads my blog since I very rarely get comments so I just thought I'll keep sharing stories and maybe people will share them. And make it an easier journey for this family!!
Stephanie, the mom told me, "We're submitted, so we'll probably be traveling on the first trip in mid July. We still need about $13,500. We are adopting Michelle, she's blind and has CP, and she has been transferred to an institution for almost 2 years. We're also adopting Felica...she's 3 and has CP. 

Did you catch that?? This family is adopting 2 girls both with CP and 1 of them is blind. Michelle, who is blind was transferred over 2 years ago to an institution. THEY need to raise that money quickly. An institution for a 5 year old is no place to be. THEY got definite signs from GOD that these are their children. Can we help bring them home??? YES we can. Can our God move mountains?? YES HE CAN. go here to donate http://reecesrainbow.org/31973/sponsorcooper-2 and
Follow their blog http://www.lordisourshepherd.blogspot.com/  and help out or share if you can. For after all Jesus says in the bible, "Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me also!"

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  1. Hi ,I like reading your blog,I also read the blog of the Cooper family,as I too fell madly in Love with Michelle over a year ago.I could think of nothing else but to try and adopt her.Unfortunately I live in the United Kingdom,where the coverment/social workers make it nearly impossible to adopt (specially disabled children from another country).They drag out the homestudy process up to 3-4 years! And than they will say no in the last minute!!
    Also in the U.K. a lot of couples live together which is perfectly acceptable here.I have shared my life with my partner now for 19 years.But for adoption one needs to be married! And not too old...we have so many stumbling blocks here that it seems only die-hard Christian Americans can adopt....I cry and miss Michelle,who feels deep inside of me like she should be my daughter.
    But alas,I am not a Christian ,not American ,not young enough,not married,and the U.k. is against adoption from other countries.Have you ever woondered why no English people feature on reeces rainbow success stories?