Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yeah - school is out. Today we finally got into the doctor for physicals...we had to reschedule once and the doctor rescheduled once. We go back on Thursday to get our TB tests read and to pick up the forms.  We also got the sheriff's department to do their checks. They were tough to get and a whole lot of rigamarole

for 2 sheets of paper. Took another reference form to a friend and basically spent the day chasing paperwork. I was so glad to have the day off to work on it. Chet was mad at me cause I never told him he would have to pee in a cup and get a shot and blood work done for the physical. Who doesn't know that anyways?? It is so hard being married to a doctor phobic person. Now if we can just get all our references in we will be golden!! Even with all the paperwork I know she is worth it.

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