Sunday, May 20, 2012

WEll we were fine...then we weren't

We thought we were getting placement of a teenager. then we didn't Everything was fine till they visited our house. So on to greener pastures I say or whatever. Vika's fund is growing and we are working on our physicals for our dossier. It has been a week so far. Some of the tests the people had never heard of. We are trying to round up our references and are not having much luck there either.
And the winner of the SHARE or BLOG POST about the fundraiser is ....Amanda Burlingham
you are the winner of a 25$ target gift card. She is adopting and if you would like follow her blog it is  She has been through a lot and has yet to travel but she doesnt stop advocating for other orphans. Also she is selling a magnet for your car on her blog so hop on over and check it out.!!

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