Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm NO criminal!!

Well the draft of the home study is almost out. And those of you who I chat with on Facebook or who were with me at a recent family reunion know what this blog title is about.  God has cleared the way and we should see our draft soon...possibly next week. WE are working on our dossier documents and I am working on 2 new quilts....My first ones ever. They are grey and yellow and I am excited to see if I can actually figure out how to quilt. lol. These are very important as they will be on Vika's and the other bed in the room. The quilt block I am using is like the ones in this quilt by Sew Crafty Jess. 

Friday, June 15, 2012


These are the winners. I don't have emails for a lot of the winners so if you have won please contact me or leave a comment  with your email. You will have 1 week to claim your prize and then it will be thrown back into another fundraiser or given to another donator.

1. Winner of the Family bowl donated by Erin Lynne at Elm Studios - Ann Arnold
2. Winner of the Bear beanie from Oksana at Chunky Monkey Beanies - Henry Bradford
3. Winner of the $40 gift certificate to Sierra Metal Design - Toby Wilson
4. Winner of Your choice Custom doll by Just Plain Becky W - Lara Jester
5. Winner of $20 gift certificate to Pippa Patchwork - Erika Marquez
6. Winner of $20 gift certificate to Paper and Pip  - Tracy Stadler
7. Winner of $20 gift certificate to Paper and Pip - Webster Kefauver
8. Winner of $20 gift certificate to Paper and Pip - Michelle Huggins
9. Winner of Custom 8x10 of your choice from My Place in this World  - Pat Keichline
 10. Winner of Women's Retreat at Hidden Acres IA - Luann Holeman
 11. Winner of  Cardboard monogram from C is for Cardboard - Erica Cooper
12. Winner of the subway Princess art by Blue moon Tavern - Kristi Kerr
13. Winner of the braille necklace by Sisters handcrafted - Cindi Holmes
14.  Winner of the Merci Beacoup hand made cards and envelopes from Lanyap studios - Loretta Richardson-Scheid.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fundraiser ends Friday 6/15/12

We still have a fundraiser going on here at There's one less. You can win your choice of several items. See below for details. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My sistuh from another mother...

 THIS week I am focusing on a family that is VERY important to me. And I will tell you the reason why.  When I first started thinking about adopting I wanted a boy. But right away it became clear to me that Chet wanted a little girl. Weird?? not really see when he was in high school his brother had a little girl that practically lived with him and his parents. So that is all he knows. And for Chet knowing is all the battle!! So anyways he said we could adopt but I had to raise ALL the money. He said our finances couldn't handle an adoption cost like an international adoption.  So I was looking at kids on Reece's Rainbow.    WE commited to a child...Vika was her name but there was another family who also wanted her and we didn't have the commitment fee. And Chet freaked out. He had said yes but acting on yes was a different story. So We took a page from the Bible and let her go. The other family ended up adopting her and that was that.
I had been following a blog where the lady Amanda (I know great name right??) was adopting a little boy Andriy who was blind. Well you all know I am a braillist so this family was already on my heart.  Amanda  and I struck up a conversation about adopting blind kids...I really felt called to do that. She told me all about the kids she knew about at Andriys orphanage and about a missionaries website that had the kids on it. She helped me line up funding for a commitment fee and talked me into committing to Vika. She also helped out on the commitment fee.  We were excited to be adopting kids from the same orphanage. But then...the unthinkable happened. Her little boy got taken by a priest in his country and suddenly he was gone.  Never again to be seen. And my heart still breaks over it. She had his cane ready...Her dad is blind so she knew what Andriy could do. She knew.

But that is not the path God wanted her to take. So he set her on a new path. While she waits on the course of the new path she is fundraising to adopt her new little one. For safety reasons...for the child and her family they are not revealing who it is but they are fundraising. They are also selling adoption ribbon magnets for your car
that look like this You will receive this magnet with any donation of $6 or more (ChipIn)They can be had for a donation of $6 dollars or more on her blog.
PLEASE help them. THEY need around $7000 to be fully funded. She has been really down lately because it has taken so long she has grown weary of the journey. I am trying to cheer her up. And show her that we all care. WE CARE. Stay the course, finish the race.

At the same time that she is traveling on her journey she is also advocating for children along the way. There are several precious ones that she YELLS for one is PRYCE he has CP. He has a momma coming for him and they need your help to become funded. PLEASE, PLEASE donate to Pryce!! Lets cheer Amanda UP!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

This family...

believes in the power of Love. They believe in the power of Family and they believe in the power of Faith. In Lyndsay's (the mom) words..."we have been so blessed with three beautiful children that are the light, joy and love of our eyes." "This Child is a vital part of our growing family. I don't know how this road is going to go or how long it will take. But we are listening to our hearts and God and going forward." You can read more about their story HERE.
I haven't known about this family long but here are some things I do know.
* Dad is a military guy. HE fights for our FREEDOMS. That also means that Gavin will have his medical costs covered 100%
* They have known the heartbreak of infertility and they are stepping out in faith that this is how they are supposed to fill the void they feel.
* They have three children. They know how to run a big family and they love children.
* They are Christian.  They believe in God and trust him to move in people's hearts to donate, share or PRAY.

* This is Grant (Gavin) he is in desperate need of medical care. He only has one kidney and that kidney is failing. He will need a kidney in the near future. He is 6 but the size of a 3 yr old. He has osteoporosis from his kidney disease and probable malnutrition. Developmentally, Gavin is doing very well. His gross motor skills are well developed. He walks, runs, jumps, climbs and rides a tricycle. His fine motor skills are also well developed. He demonstrates an appropriate pincher grasp and is in the beginning stages of handwriting. He understands everything that is said to him. He's talking, but his articulation is not perfect. He can correctly pronounce one and two syllable words. He follows verbal directions. He's very social. He's described as a cheery and affectionate little boy. He has developed a bond with a particular caregiver and he enjoys her attention. He eats independently from a spoon and drinks from an open cup. He's not toilet trained at this time due to the current setup of the catheter to drain into a diaper
Basically he has only 1 kidney and it doesn't work so well. He is a normal kid who is STUCK in a country that doesn't have any way to help him medically. That's where the Thomas family comes in. They can help with that and give love and joy and life. THEY are his FAMILY. but they need your help. They are $9000 short. They need at least $5000 to travel. you can donate HERE.
This is a very special little can see he is so full of life. But how much longer can that continue if his only kidney quits on him. PLEASE join me in praying for this family. That God will bless them with the funds and that they will be able to reach him quickly!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goal of the Day

My goal today is to pack up the scrap-booking room. Where am I gonna put all that stuff?? I have no idea, but it would be a better room for Vika due to its location and the fact that there is a door to it.  We will see if I manage to get it accomplished. Oh yeah and I have to find a home for an entire school library somewhere too....but more on that adventure later!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Who is Marcus?? Well this is Marcus.

and this is Marcus.

Do you see his sweet smile??
December 2002
Marcus is a sweet little boy!  He is 9 years old and hoping for his own forever family.  He was born with spina bifida.  He is not able to walk on his own.

From his medical records:  myelocele; Q 5, hydrocephaly;  flail legs with damage of functions of pelvic organs.

From our facilitation team: I personally saw this boy and talked to him. He is a very smart boy. Unfortunately he cannot walk at all, and he uses a wheelchair … he was uncomfortable with careful attention to him, particularly to his disability.   He told me that he wants to be adopted., and that’s why he allowed to make a picture of him.  He did not want to demonstrate his disability, so he covered his legs with a blanket.  
Several kids had been adopted from this orphanage before, and the Director is rather open to foreign adoption. She keeps in touch with all the families who adopted the children from her orphanage. She showed me only the kids who demonstrated their wish to be taken to the family. And when I made pictures all of them confirmed their desire to be adopted. I believe the Director will be very glad if this child is taken to the good family.”
The boy is very smart, communicative, and friendly. He wants be adopted.
More photos available, married couples only.

Remember Maxim ?? Who we talked about in this post ?? He has Spina Bifida as well. Its scary but it's not that bad. Many people who have seen him think he would be walking if he had PT and OT and all the things this country provides. Worried about the medical costs?? Shriner's hospitals would cover his care. You can donate to Marcus' account at Reece's rainbow here.