Monday, June 4, 2012


Who is Marcus?? Well this is Marcus.

and this is Marcus.

Do you see his sweet smile??
December 2002
Marcus is a sweet little boy!  He is 9 years old and hoping for his own forever family.  He was born with spina bifida.  He is not able to walk on his own.

From his medical records:  myelocele; Q 5, hydrocephaly;  flail legs with damage of functions of pelvic organs.

From our facilitation team: I personally saw this boy and talked to him. He is a very smart boy. Unfortunately he cannot walk at all, and he uses a wheelchair … he was uncomfortable with careful attention to him, particularly to his disability.   He told me that he wants to be adopted., and that’s why he allowed to make a picture of him.  He did not want to demonstrate his disability, so he covered his legs with a blanket.  
Several kids had been adopted from this orphanage before, and the Director is rather open to foreign adoption. She keeps in touch with all the families who adopted the children from her orphanage. She showed me only the kids who demonstrated their wish to be taken to the family. And when I made pictures all of them confirmed their desire to be adopted. I believe the Director will be very glad if this child is taken to the good family.”
The boy is very smart, communicative, and friendly. He wants be adopted.
More photos available, married couples only.

Remember Maxim ?? Who we talked about in this post ?? He has Spina Bifida as well. Its scary but it's not that bad. Many people who have seen him think he would be walking if he had PT and OT and all the things this country provides. Worried about the medical costs?? Shriner's hospitals would cover his care. You can donate to Marcus' account at Reece's rainbow here.

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