Sunday, June 10, 2012

My sistuh from another mother...

 THIS week I am focusing on a family that is VERY important to me. And I will tell you the reason why.  When I first started thinking about adopting I wanted a boy. But right away it became clear to me that Chet wanted a little girl. Weird?? not really see when he was in high school his brother had a little girl that practically lived with him and his parents. So that is all he knows. And for Chet knowing is all the battle!! So anyways he said we could adopt but I had to raise ALL the money. He said our finances couldn't handle an adoption cost like an international adoption.  So I was looking at kids on Reece's Rainbow.    WE commited to a child...Vika was her name but there was another family who also wanted her and we didn't have the commitment fee. And Chet freaked out. He had said yes but acting on yes was a different story. So We took a page from the Bible and let her go. The other family ended up adopting her and that was that.
I had been following a blog where the lady Amanda (I know great name right??) was adopting a little boy Andriy who was blind. Well you all know I am a braillist so this family was already on my heart.  Amanda  and I struck up a conversation about adopting blind kids...I really felt called to do that. She told me all about the kids she knew about at Andriys orphanage and about a missionaries website that had the kids on it. She helped me line up funding for a commitment fee and talked me into committing to Vika. She also helped out on the commitment fee.  We were excited to be adopting kids from the same orphanage. But then...the unthinkable happened. Her little boy got taken by a priest in his country and suddenly he was gone.  Never again to be seen. And my heart still breaks over it. She had his cane ready...Her dad is blind so she knew what Andriy could do. She knew.

But that is not the path God wanted her to take. So he set her on a new path. While she waits on the course of the new path she is fundraising to adopt her new little one. For safety reasons...for the child and her family they are not revealing who it is but they are fundraising. They are also selling adoption ribbon magnets for your car
that look like this You will receive this magnet with any donation of $6 or more (ChipIn)They can be had for a donation of $6 dollars or more on her blog.
PLEASE help them. THEY need around $7000 to be fully funded. She has been really down lately because it has taken so long she has grown weary of the journey. I am trying to cheer her up. And show her that we all care. WE CARE. Stay the course, finish the race.

At the same time that she is traveling on her journey she is also advocating for children along the way. There are several precious ones that she YELLS for one is PRYCE he has CP. He has a momma coming for him and they need your help to become funded. PLEASE, PLEASE donate to Pryce!! Lets cheer Amanda UP!!

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