Saturday, June 9, 2012

This family...

believes in the power of Love. They believe in the power of Family and they believe in the power of Faith. In Lyndsay's (the mom) words..."we have been so blessed with three beautiful children that are the light, joy and love of our eyes." "This Child is a vital part of our growing family. I don't know how this road is going to go or how long it will take. But we are listening to our hearts and God and going forward." You can read more about their story HERE.
I haven't known about this family long but here are some things I do know.
* Dad is a military guy. HE fights for our FREEDOMS. That also means that Gavin will have his medical costs covered 100%
* They have known the heartbreak of infertility and they are stepping out in faith that this is how they are supposed to fill the void they feel.
* They have three children. They know how to run a big family and they love children.
* They are Christian.  They believe in God and trust him to move in people's hearts to donate, share or PRAY.

* This is Grant (Gavin) he is in desperate need of medical care. He only has one kidney and that kidney is failing. He will need a kidney in the near future. He is 6 but the size of a 3 yr old. He has osteoporosis from his kidney disease and probable malnutrition. Developmentally, Gavin is doing very well. His gross motor skills are well developed. He walks, runs, jumps, climbs and rides a tricycle. His fine motor skills are also well developed. He demonstrates an appropriate pincher grasp and is in the beginning stages of handwriting. He understands everything that is said to him. He's talking, but his articulation is not perfect. He can correctly pronounce one and two syllable words. He follows verbal directions. He's very social. He's described as a cheery and affectionate little boy. He has developed a bond with a particular caregiver and he enjoys her attention. He eats independently from a spoon and drinks from an open cup. He's not toilet trained at this time due to the current setup of the catheter to drain into a diaper
Basically he has only 1 kidney and it doesn't work so well. He is a normal kid who is STUCK in a country that doesn't have any way to help him medically. That's where the Thomas family comes in. They can help with that and give love and joy and life. THEY are his FAMILY. but they need your help. They are $9000 short. They need at least $5000 to travel. you can donate HERE.
This is a very special little can see he is so full of life. But how much longer can that continue if his only kidney quits on him. PLEASE join me in praying for this family. That God will bless them with the funds and that they will be able to reach him quickly!!


  1. Thank you for sharing this story and helping get the word out for Gavin.