Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's your excuse??

I don't have the money. You can't save everybody. It makes me sad to look at those children. We should help children in our country. I like drinking coffee everyday. I like Doritos not those off brand ones.

All of these are excuses. Today I posted this on facebook.
Ok Facebook people EXPLAIN to me how you could SAVE a CHILD instead of buying that candy bar at work or you could SAVE a CHILD instead of buying name brand pop BUT YOU DON'T what are you gonna say to Jesus when you stand before him and he asks you why you just walked on by all those times. I hope you know that,"I wanted a snickers!" or "I only like the taste of Dr. Pepper!" Sounds pretty lame.
What are you gonna say when you meet Jesus face to face? What is your excuse? What was Adam's excuse in the garden? What was Peter's excuse when he started sinking in the water? What was Jonah's excuse for not going to Ninevah? 
You better start thinking of your excuse now. Cause if you put it into that perspective. They all sound pretty lame. 
Why am I even bringing this up?? Well I am advocating for the Thomas family right now. They are adopting Gavin. I have mentioned them before. They have $10,000 left to raise they are traveling soon. In Gavin's country you can do two trips one to meet the child (and make sure that you want this child) and one to make it legal. But the Thomas family has been having trouble raising the funds it has been like pulling teeth. Several women have been working on it. She has a Thirty one fundraiser and a giveaway on her blog. The giveaway hasn't been doing so well. I mean yeah there is no IPAD, but again, what is your excuse?? 
"I would've donated Lord but there wasn't anything I liked in the giveaway!! "
Lately, I have watched as families in country who decide to adopt another child are getting funds enough to adopt another child while they are there. Nothing wrong with that. BUT the Thomas family is trying to SAVE Gavin who is dying. Who wont have time for another family to get him. HE IS RUNNING OUT of TIME.
Just this week his family got a review of his medical file from a local hospital. IT states Gavin is in Stage 4 renal (kidney) failure. Stage 4 ....there are 5 stages with 5 being End stage. He is that close. So close that the Thomas family decided to skip the first trip to speed up time and to spare the money they didn't have. They are taking him "as is" sight unseen. TO get there IN TIME. What can you do?? GO...donate to or at their FSP here.
Also We are gathering items for a third and final giveaway in the month of August. The last giveaway so they can get there. Got anything to donate please contact me at or hit me up on facebook. However, whatever you do...PLEASE NO MORE EXCUSES!!


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    1. You must have a lot of time on your hands to spew forth such a lengthy letter of negativity. I'm saddened by the lack of joy in your life.

    2. Actually Kay, you should know your facts
      1. Ten for orphans did not sever their ties with Reece's Rainbow. What they did do however is make it so the families they were raising money for could have their funds sooner than Reece's Rainbow allows. You forget I am adopting children too and I too was helped by Ten For Orphans. Why? Because me and my husband who can pop out babies all day long decided to take the high road and take care of the orphans which is what the bible demands of us.

      2. They can afford to take care of their children more so than most as she is a nurse and he is a soldier which brings me to #3.
      . HE fights for YOUR fREEDOMS so you have the FREEDOM to bully others and no one can stop you. Its GREAT to be a cyberbully isn't it??

      4. That excuse(explanation)still won't be good enough for God and I think it is he who says do you not see that splinter (2x4) in your own eye??

  2. Gavin is the Ten for Orphans sponsored child this month. Please fact check before you troll.