Friday, July 13, 2012

Where we are....

We FINALLY got our homestudy draft and we are waiting on some changes and errors to be fixed.  I am working on completing our dossier documents that will be sent to Victorias orphanage. One set of 8 documents that I am currently working on cost $80 to be apostilled (notarized athe state level) and then if I were to ship it to the country it would cost another $150 in shipping. Luckily for me I have a lady that is traveling soon that can hand carry the documents to the country so it will only cost me about $20 to mail them to her.  That is how adoption is all these hidden fees and such.

There is a missionary in country but she hasn't connected with her person to get her into Victoria's country. I am anxious for her to get in so I can get new pictures of my girl!!

The other day on facebook a momma got on and was having issues fixing her blog. She wanted a different template but there was an error with the template. So anyways I offered to work on it for her. It was super fun to do. She could use a little blog lovin' as she brings a new one into her life!!
Go check out her blog here and if anyone wants me to work on their blog I'd love to. Well thats all I know for now.

P.S. Go share about the Thomas family on your facebook page they are still about 16,000 away from being fully

And I thought I would leave you with this cutie!!!

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