Friday, August 3, 2012

THe new orphan of the month!!

Sorry I am late posting this...I have been working on some very important documents!!
This month's orphan at Ten for Orphans is very special....Spencer!

The Twietmeyer’s have much experience as an adoptive family and in the adoption community. Kiel and Carolyn are the founders of Project HOPEFUL, nfp.  Their journey began by God introducing Kiel to a divorced mother of 4 kids.  He married all 5 of them! Kiel and Carolyn gave birth to 3 more children together. Through a series of miracles with 2 of their birth sons, as in bonafide healing and life-conquers-death-only-God-could-do-it-scenarios, they realized that God had big plans for their family.   As they watched what God could do with serious brain damage in both of their sons, lung disease, and other things, they began to realize that they had just endured boot camp for God’s future plans! After those miraculous healings, they thought “What’s a little HIV?” They adopted 2 separate biological sibling sets of 3–two of whom had HIV/AIDS–and saw further MIRACLES.  As if it couldn’t get any better, the Lord delivered a beautiful 8 week old baby girl with Down syndrome on Easter Sunday last year through adoption. That baby turned the whole family UPSIDE DOWN….(pun intended)…!
It was through baby Sofia that the Lord opened their eyes in a personal way to the needs across the world for children with Down syndrome, specifically the little ones that age out of baby houses into adult mental institutions at ages 4-5 years old.  The tragedy behind that was far too great to ignore.  Through a series of further miracles, they saw “Lincoln” (a.k.a. Spencer), and the WHOLE FAMILY knew they were to go get him. Lincoln just turned 6 years old. He has already been transferred.  The ramifications of this are devastating, and he needs to come home SOON.  There are MANY, MANY arms that can’t wait to HUG him, many hearts that will NEVER allow him to have another moment of fear or loneliness, plus his bed and Thomas the Train and Little People are waiting for him! They hope to travel to adopt him by the end of September.
One would think that with all this family does that they would instantly be fully funded. Well they are not. In fact they are about $10,000 short from being fully funded. WHAT?? yes that's right. But our God moves mountains and he can do this. PLEASE PRAY with me that the journey is quick to being fully funded.

In addition to their own commitment to orphans, the Twietmeyer’s are dedicated to Educating, Encouraging, and Enabling families and individuals to advocate for and adopt children with HIV/AIDS and others who are the most overlooked.  They are committed to the mission of ALL for ONE! They will stop at NOTHING for the ONE Who puts the ONE in front of them. Lincoln is that ONE!  
John 14:18  I will not leave you as orphans; I will come for you. Please help bring Lincoln home! Please visit the Donate Now page to contribute to his rescue from the mental institution and give him a family of his own. You can visit the family’s blog here: 
there is also a fundraiser going on on the sight for LINCOLN. go check it out!! GO. NOW! 

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