Tuesday, August 28, 2012

THINGS are moving right along

Well this week my computer started to die and my keyboard went kaputz. And neither thing was related to the other one...weird. But On a happier note we are almost done with our dossier. It is a relief BIG TIME. To almost be complete.  We have sent paperwork to USCIS and are waiting for them to send a paper back that says we are approved to adopt...Adoptive Parents call it the Golden Ticket like the movie Willy Wonka.  You might just see me do a rendition of the golden ticket song too when ours comes. Some of you might have seen our FSP move too. We had a donor give us $5000 for us to be able to pursue a second child.  This is absolutely wonderful. I can't even tell you what an answer to prayer that is for us!!
Also we still have a fundraiser going on at www.myheartbeeps4orphans.blogspot.com. We haven't really raised much over there...but what has been given has been given out of love and that is what matters.
Just remember it is for three families so when you give it helps all three.

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