Monday, August 13, 2012

WE have a new fundraiser/giveaway going on!!

Have you ever entered a giveaway and wanted a different prize than you won? Sometimes I win something and even though I didn't win the "big" prize I wished I could have told someone with another item that I wanted it. Then THIS givaway is for you!! When the giveaway is over we will draw the names and let you pick from the prizes that are left. People will pick in the order their names are drawn.

We also wanted to make sure that everyone could afford to enter so you can enter for as little as $5. If you blog about the giveaway or SHARE about it you can also get an entry into the giveaway. There are a lot of COOL items and we may be adding even more! If you would like to enter, please click on the chip-in on this blog and the monies donated will be split three ways amongst Gavin, Victoria, and Pryce. You can also donate to the FSP links at right.

 This giveaway is to benefit the Thomas Family who is adopting Gavin, The Nachtmann family who is adopting Victoria, and the Burlingham family who is adopting Pryce. Three Special kids, three special families!! This goal is this...The Thomas family needs $3500 more to get to Gavin, They have been submitted so they are almost there! The Nachtmann's are needing $1300 for fingerprints, USCIS clearances and a money wire. They are compiling their dossier. The Burlingham family is also compiling their dossier and they are short $7000 to be Fully funded. That is A LOT of money but our God moves mountains and we are hoping to reach our goals.

Want to see all the items?? Follow this to our Linky page and click on the Thumbnails for a blurp about each item.