Friday, September 28, 2012

I don't have time to....

get on facebook
take a shower
go to sleep
check my email
feed the dog
play with the dog
take a bath
do laundry
go to Wal-mart
take pictures
make cards
and many other things
Get 3 little ones to sleep before 7:00 at night 
put on 6 little socks in the morning
change 2 diapers
get 3 little ones dressed
take 2 to daycare
WALK one kid to school and go there to work
drop one off in the car
sleep on the couch
listen to a baby talk in their sleep ALL NIGHT LONG
Get a teenager ready for homecoming

These are the things I am doing this week in our house there is a 14, 4, 2, 1  living there with me, (super momma) and super poppa.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Everyhting I know about being a mom...comes from Pinterest!

Seriously, I am loving having a four year old. Sure I am exhausted but it has been fun. And Pinterest helps. Do you do Pinterest?? Its like a virtual bulletin board with all these neat ideas to try. It also has all these bright ideas...Like our little monkey has really been attached to some bandaids mom in law gave her.  The problem they have been stuck on her chest about a week now. She wont let us peel them off and guards them with her hand....she wont trade for them either. But guess what I learned on pinterest. Baby oil takes them off pain free. So we played in the tub with baby oil last night and they were peeling off this morning....Yeah!! I am also getting ready to make a sensory tub for little monkey. She really likes to manipulate small things so this should be perfect for her. I want this one to be Fall themed. The one above is from Counting coconuts which is a really great idea blog for parents of toddlers. I have the leaves already and we picked apples last week so I will put some real apples in for her. We also pass an acorn tree on our way home so I am having her get acorns and pinecones to add. Then add a little corn and some leaf foam shapes I have a voila a sensory tub!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

We R Foster Parents Part 3

So eventually it is September when our social worker said classes would begin. No classes then October starts with still no word on classes. Several kids we are interested in have aged out of the system at this point. Chet works as a director of a homeless shelter. As chance would have it about this time he was invited to attend the governors counsel meeting to end homelessness. It was done as a phone conference with the Governor of Missouri. When the meeting took a 15 minute break, Chet asked the secretary about why it has taken us so long to have classes. The secretary talked with him put him on hold...the Governor came on and said can you take them in another country on October 15th? We said yes YES and in 5 minutes we were enrolled in another counties classes....YES!!! After our classes that county fast TRACKED us in to adoption classes to That was last January....9 months ago then we waited.....with no calls for placement. During our classes after being thoroughly fed up with our county we got pulled into international adoption. And with God working MAJOR miracles in the financial part it was obvious that this was the way we were supposed to go.
So this is what hurts when people say, "Why don't you adopt locally ??" We have tried to, we have been trying for 2 years, there are kids no longer in the system that could have had parents but our county dragged its feet. I wish those positions at the DFS  were elected positions that is the only way to get people that care somewhat.

Monday, September 10, 2012

We R Foster parents Part 2

So after we turned our application in in January we weren't contacted again about our application until April. And that was when I finally let Chet start to handle it In April, a SW finally sat down with us and took our next bit of paperwork described the process and told us she would hopefully get us in soon for training she told us to start looking at the kids on adoptuskids and at the heart gallery...she thought that she might have a training in September. September?? WE WERE SHOCKED!! We started in November this was April we wanted kids for the summer and now she said we couldn't even start training until September?? I told her that hacked me off and that we wanted kids for the summer. She said well you can do respite care. Respite is when you take a kid for a foster family that is taking a vacation, going out of the country, or they just need a break. So we agreed to that. Well we got one call a 13 year old girl we had for 10 days at the end of  July. And so after that we waited for traning to start. And we waited and waited...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Yep we R Foster Parents

Had a comment from Jed and Kimber on the last post saying that they didn't know we were foster parents and that they are too. I am glad it is always good to have people to ask questions of. Because we are adopting internationally people always ask us weird questions...The one that always takes away a little piece of my heart is the "Why don't you adopt kids from here?" Why does it hurt? I'll tell you....2 years ago Chet and I saw the heart gallery when we were down at Crown center.  What is a heart gallery? you can see and read about it here. So since we had discussed that we would like to adopt someday and since Chet saw some kids there he might be interested in we decided to pursue it. The next day or so we went to our local family services office and got an application. Right from the very beginning we met with resistance they said ok if your interested take this folder about it...if you are still interested come back and we will give you an application. We told them that's ok fork over the application they were shocked...we had already read and talked to people this is what we wanted. So they gave us the application and we filled it out and returned it to them and waited and waited and waited......

Thursday, September 6, 2012

WE are parents of one

So we took a placement and "O" is settling in nicely. She was able to go to school with me today and that meant DH could get some sleep.  That also means that she will be able to go everyday which means that she will be in the same building as me. Will tell more later when I have more time...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's raining kids

Ok so in the past 2 weeks around here it has been raining kids. I mean it. Kids are falling from the sky left and right. After a 2 year drought where we didn't get one call this past 2 weeks we have gotten 5 phone calls for 5 different sibling groups. And today came another call. But here's the thing we are walking a fine line...We are getting ready for the girls. We are in the mind set of getting the house ready for the girls ages 6 and 7 and preparing for that. We weren't thinking about other kids. Today it was 3 kids under the age of 5. yikes !! I was thinking about going home after school and taking a nap then fixing dinner and doing all that that entails... now im thinking about putting several children to bed finding them pj's wondering if I have enough beds and formula and things like that....wth. The people that said only kids age 3-21 might be making bottles tonight?? It's funny what God plans for us isn't it?? Will we take them. I don't know! When will I know?? I don't know. But I'll let you know when I do. Until then pray for me as a new mom that might be getting kids TONIGHT!!