Thursday, September 20, 2012

Everyhting I know about being a mom...comes from Pinterest!

Seriously, I am loving having a four year old. Sure I am exhausted but it has been fun. And Pinterest helps. Do you do Pinterest?? Its like a virtual bulletin board with all these neat ideas to try. It also has all these bright ideas...Like our little monkey has really been attached to some bandaids mom in law gave her.  The problem they have been stuck on her chest about a week now. She wont let us peel them off and guards them with her hand....she wont trade for them either. But guess what I learned on pinterest. Baby oil takes them off pain free. So we played in the tub with baby oil last night and they were peeling off this morning....Yeah!! I am also getting ready to make a sensory tub for little monkey. She really likes to manipulate small things so this should be perfect for her. I want this one to be Fall themed. The one above is from Counting coconuts which is a really great idea blog for parents of toddlers. I have the leaves already and we picked apples last week so I will put some real apples in for her. We also pass an acorn tree on our way home so I am having her get acorns and pinecones to add. Then add a little corn and some leaf foam shapes I have a voila a sensory tub!!


  1. Isn't Pinterest amazing? I must not have had any good ideas before it! haha!
    I just stumbled upon your blog & I've really enjoyed it! Are you adopting from Russia or Ukraine? My husband and I just started the process to adopt from Ukraine.