Monday, September 10, 2012

We R Foster parents Part 2

So after we turned our application in in January we weren't contacted again about our application until April. And that was when I finally let Chet start to handle it In April, a SW finally sat down with us and took our next bit of paperwork described the process and told us she would hopefully get us in soon for training she told us to start looking at the kids on adoptuskids and at the heart gallery...she thought that she might have a training in September. September?? WE WERE SHOCKED!! We started in November this was April we wanted kids for the summer and now she said we couldn't even start training until September?? I told her that hacked me off and that we wanted kids for the summer. She said well you can do respite care. Respite is when you take a kid for a foster family that is taking a vacation, going out of the country, or they just need a break. So we agreed to that. Well we got one call a 13 year old girl we had for 10 days at the end of  July. And so after that we waited for traning to start. And we waited and waited...

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