Monday, September 17, 2012

We R Foster Parents Part 3

So eventually it is September when our social worker said classes would begin. No classes then October starts with still no word on classes. Several kids we are interested in have aged out of the system at this point. Chet works as a director of a homeless shelter. As chance would have it about this time he was invited to attend the governors counsel meeting to end homelessness. It was done as a phone conference with the Governor of Missouri. When the meeting took a 15 minute break, Chet asked the secretary about why it has taken us so long to have classes. The secretary talked with him put him on hold...the Governor came on and said can you take them in another country on October 15th? We said yes YES and in 5 minutes we were enrolled in another counties classes....YES!!! After our classes that county fast TRACKED us in to adoption classes to That was last January....9 months ago then we waited.....with no calls for placement. During our classes after being thoroughly fed up with our county we got pulled into international adoption. And with God working MAJOR miracles in the financial part it was obvious that this was the way we were supposed to go.
So this is what hurts when people say, "Why don't you adopt locally ??" We have tried to, we have been trying for 2 years, there are kids no longer in the system that could have had parents but our county dragged its feet. I wish those positions at the DFS  were elected positions that is the only way to get people that care somewhat.

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  1. And you know what :o( The older you get the harder it gets to adopt U.S. kids. :o( We thank God for Bulgaria! As we waited, we just got older. :o( Now we have our boys!
    praying for you