Friday, September 7, 2012

Yep we R Foster Parents

Had a comment from Jed and Kimber on the last post saying that they didn't know we were foster parents and that they are too. I am glad it is always good to have people to ask questions of. Because we are adopting internationally people always ask us weird questions...The one that always takes away a little piece of my heart is the "Why don't you adopt kids from here?" Why does it hurt? I'll tell you....2 years ago Chet and I saw the heart gallery when we were down at Crown center.  What is a heart gallery? you can see and read about it here. So since we had discussed that we would like to adopt someday and since Chet saw some kids there he might be interested in we decided to pursue it. The next day or so we went to our local family services office and got an application. Right from the very beginning we met with resistance they said ok if your interested take this folder about it...if you are still interested come back and we will give you an application. We told them that's ok fork over the application they were shocked...we had already read and talked to people this is what we wanted. So they gave us the application and we filled it out and returned it to them and waited and waited and waited......


  1. I hate when people say "Why dont you adopt from here?" You hit the nail on the head. We just brought Micah home almost a month ago from state care. When we decided to adopt out of state care we went with an agency we love. Did all the training put in our homestudy for Micah and waited 7 months before they even acknowledged us and said Yes he is available for adoption. 7 months! Then we found out that the national DS adoption network has tried to get him adopted for years and years and the caseworker refused to get him adopted. Makes me sick. So only after our international adoption was half way through did we hear that Micah was in fact available and we were in the staffing.

    Are you still adopting internationally? Do you have to get your homestudy changed? We had to.

    Also CONGRATS on your new child.
    Be blessed

  2. Aww yay! I love meeting other foster parents. :) Fostering is so special and necessary. We did a series about our fostering experiences on our blog. It seems like the story of fostering doesn't get told enough. Yes, it is difficult, but so worth it. We gained a son from fostering and I can't imagine our lives without him.