Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ten for Orphans Matching Grant!!

Julie and Maxim, the 2 teens that are in this months Ten For Orphans spotlight, have a $2500 matching grant that ends tonight at midnight. That means that if the family can raise  $2500 then that will be matched another $2500 which will mean they are almost fully funded. Can you do me a favor if you are on Facebook or your blog can you share this photo with a link to TFO?? We need to make sure these teens get home to their family!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Pryce of FREEDOM

The Burlingham family has gotten some help towards bringing Pryce home. But they still need about 3,700 more. Pryce is almost 9 he has CP but he is very strong and would probably be walking if he was able to access any medical care. The kiddos from his family are so excited to have him as a brother...please help them bring Pryce home...He deserves freedom and love, and someone who cherishes him.Look at that face...kinda hesitant to believe anyone could want him....not sure whether to smile or not. Please help them bring him home. For tax deductible donations go here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Plea for Pryce

THIS is Pryce.'s soon to me momma is my best friend Amanda.
I have mentioned her before. She is my sister from another mother....I swear. Anyways she has been there holding my hand all throughout our adoption. Her family was adopting Andriy who through VERY unseen circumstances became unable to be adopted....Their hearts and ours were broken and lost without Andriy in the sights. But they kept on and now they are adopting Pryce IF they can get the money raised to go there. They are $9000.00 short. Currently there is a $230 matching grant. That means that the next $230 donated with me doubled. PLEASE go clean out your couch cushions and donate what you find there to PRYCE and his family. Or better yet take that 20 bucks you were  going to buy pop with and give it to them...PLEASE PLEASE!!  THE families blog is here They have a chip in there or you can donate tax deductible at

Friday, October 12, 2012

WE are getting an IKEA!!

YEAH! finally after belonging to the Kansas Citians for IKEA facebook page for over 3 years we are finally getting an IKEA here in Kansas City. The only down side is that it will be in Kansas not Missouri. Missouri hasnt quite figured out how to draw in retail yet. But still it is slated to open 2014. I cant wait to camp out at the front door for the grand opening.

I am so Excited!!

We are so ready for the girls to come. WE are getting their room ready and getting the FINAL paperwork done. WE are racing around trying to get notaries and apostilles so that our dossier can be sent. And we know now that we might be able to handle them. We know now what our bedtime routine is and what rules we want for our family. Yes we are getting along over here just dandy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Win a Perkin's Smart Brailler!!

This is not just any Brailler. This is the new Perkins SMART Brailler!

This Brailler has a screen that displays SimBraille and large print - with audio feedback for a multi-sensory learning experience. You can also edit, save and transfer electronic documents with a USB. Check out this video to learn more about this amazing Brailler.

The Thing I like about this brailler is that you can see what your child writes so you can correct spelling with them...while they do their homework and not after they have already made the mistake.

How to Enter:
Hurry! Send an email to and say you want to win the NEW Perkins SMART Brailler.

NOW! This drawing ends TOMORROW (October 5th) at midnight.

Visit WONDERBABY to learn more and find ways to get extra entries.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FBI Biometrics....Check

Well we completed our biometrics yesterday with the FBI. Going into a building that says Homeland Security was  a  little bit scary....The guard at the front door said where are you from? I said here. He smiled and said,"Oh! you're here for an international adoption?" I said yes and he told me where to go. Made me smile just to have this part done and for the guard that has to explain everything in whatever language you speak I was an easy one. I was from here. I speak English...and a wee bit Russian. lol. The 4 little monkeys are now just 2 little monkeys.   By the way, the older of the 2 has been following a bedtime routine I set up  that is bath, brush teeth, go potty get a drink and read 3 books then go to bed.At first it was like pulling teeth to get thru those books...she had ADHD when it came to books but now she begs for them and choses them over other activities. She has picked reading over DORA and coloring. Right now she is reading 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed to us everynight....tooo cute!! She has a birthday coming soon and for those in the family you are all invited. but More on that later