Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FBI Biometrics....Check

Well we completed our biometrics yesterday with the FBI. Going into a building that says Homeland Security was  a  little bit scary....The guard at the front door said where are you from? I said here. He smiled and said,"Oh! you're here for an international adoption?" I said yes and he told me where to go. Made me smile just to have this part done and for the guard that has to explain everything in whatever language you speak I was an easy one. I was from here. I speak English...and a wee bit Russian. lol. The 4 little monkeys are now just 2 little monkeys.   By the way, the older of the 2 has been following a bedtime routine I set up  that is bath, brush teeth, go potty get a drink and read 3 books then go to bed.At first it was like pulling teeth to get thru those books...she had ADHD when it came to books but now she begs for them and choses them over other activities. She has picked reading over DORA and coloring. Right now she is reading 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed to us everynight....tooo cute!! She has a birthday coming soon and for those in the family you are all invited. but More on that later

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