Thursday, November 29, 2012

WE ARE in a NEW category

At Reece's rainbow, families travel on a continuum in the website based on where you are in your journey. At first your child is in My family found me. People are always excited to see a child show up in My Family Found Me (MFFM) You aren't listed as the child's family until you get in some paperwork and your $1275 commitment fee.  Then after that is paid you go onto the New commitments page.  It is super exciting to see a family there as you can now follow their blog and support the family. After you sign on with a homestudy agency then you go to the Homestudy in progress page. You are supposed to get the homestudy done in three months time. For some it is shorter for us it was longer.  Reece's rainbow gets concerned if it is longer and that can be really stressful. Then you go to the compiling Dossier page.  Each step you move along you get a little more excited and a little more freaked out that soon you will be a parent.
The next category is Almost there. That is where we are as of this morning. You can see it here. Isn't it pretty. My friend Amanda and I are so excited about changing categories.... We have 2 left. Traveling now and Already Home. There is only one left for her ...Already Home. This is so exciting....Chet is in a panic...please pray that we come to terms with this new change and that God will calm our nerves about the up and coming changes to our lives.

The world of adoption...

The world of adoption is full of pain and full of joy. Just like everything in life. WE are grieving this morning at the loss of one sweet little boy named Henry. Henry cam home from the Ukraine almost a year ago. Yesterday he went home to Jesus after complications from surgery. He died in family. He was loved and cherished. The family's blog is here. You can see the difference love makes. PLEASE pray for this family.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1000 blessings...and Women of Faith

Recently I got lucky enough to be given a ticket to Women of Faith. I am a big fan of Women of Faith except that the price of tickets isn't really what the common lay person can afford. At 90 bucks a ticket....well you see what I mean. But If you want to go God will make a way. Last year my mom bought my ticket in this year a lady I had told I was wanting to go had to give up her ticket and I got it. One of the speakers that was a little kooky was Anna Voskamp bestselling author of 1000 gifts. While she was a little weird when she spoke, it did get me thinking, and she presented the challenge to take a pen and some paper and write a thousand gifts/or blessings in your life. She said that when you do it changes you and your world for the better. So I have decided to take her up on the challenge and type mine right here on this very blog. The idea is that when you see all that God bestows on you in the little things and the big ones you get the whole picture.

1. God, he made me and I am his.
2. My husband Chet. He is trying so hard lately and I can see him growing unto his halo.
3. My kids
4. my dog Toby...straight from heaven that one.
5. My other dogs Alfalfa and Jessie
6. My cats Koda and Timid and Nitro.  I have 2 others but they are just annoying.
7. My house, it is little but cozy and I can paint the walls anyway I want
8. My parents
9. Chet's parents
10. My job.

Friday, November 16, 2012

God is moving Maxim's Mountains

Today I looked at Ten for orphans and look what God has done...His fund is now at $16715.85. The family had an auction going on so maybe that came from that....whatever it was PRAISE GOD. THey need just $3284.15.  That is chump change in God's pocketbook. Can you help his family out?? PLEASE go to Ten for orphans and give ...maybe just $5 or maybe $20. Whatever you got is enough for this little boy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

THEY are fully funded

Pryce's family is fully funded. YEAH! that is a relief. Now to talk about someone else who is soooo close to being fully funded. 15 days into this month and Maxim's family only has recieved $500 through ten for orphans. They only have $4500 more to be fully funded. At the beginning of the month I was like that's easy then we can move onto another needy child. But now I am not so sure....Can God do it! ABSOLUTELY. Will he? I don't know. If you have time go over to ten for Orphans and send Maxim and his soon to be family some love. Maxim is 8 can you imagine waiting that long for a family?? His family lives in Wichita btw. That means he is coming home to the lets bring him HOME!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I got 1 word for you....

Got a kid with lice??? Frustrated at the combing, washing, combing, washing, combing? Only to find out the kid still has lice. After a month long struggle at our house with the eldest foster child. I got one word for you....I hesitate to share it worked that GOOD. Its Natroba. Recently approved by the FDA its pricy but so worth it. No combing and works the first time. Its that good. Try it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

medicals have EXPIRED

Got word today that our medicals have expired. BEFORE they were ever submitted. Oi vey! time is ticking not to mention it cost us $260 to get those medicals done last time...Im going to cry in a corner and find some money somewhere!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I miss my friend....she is in the UKRAINE!!

Well she is gone...she left  to go get Pryce and I miss her. I hope Pryce knows he is getting a great mama. She let me know she got there and was going to bed...Im sure Ill hear about it later but for now I miss her something awful.!! They are still not fully funded ...if you want to help go HERE!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pryce's Mama leaves today!!

My prayer and excitement goes with well as our dossier....She is lovingly carrying it with her to save us from having to pay $150.00 shipping. They are still short....A small amount but they don't have it they are going in faith that we will work to bring them back.   They need $1643 more. This month is Orphan Awareness Month. There are mommas leaving their families and kids to go get these kids did you know? Amanda will miss Thanksgiving and if things go quickly...Pryce will be home for Christmas. Please help them get home for Christmas. Read her blog HERE. Then donate to the chip-in or her Reece's Rainbow link. PLEASE help another boy in a manger in Eastern Europe get home to his stable this Christmas!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another PLEA for Pryce....

The Burlingham family is leaving soon to go get in this week...THAT SOON!! They are not fully funded yet... They need $2500 more. They have the money to go and stay there....but so far they don't have the money to get HOME. Do you hear that....they are taking a leap of faith. The Lord told them, "GO!" they are going. WE need to help them get home! I challenge you all to donate $1, $5, $10...whatever you got and bring them home!! Maybe you sell tupperware and can donate from a recent party or maybe you found 20 bucks in the dryer please consider donating to them. They are doing what God has asked.... ARE YOU?

New orphan for Ten For Orphans

The New orphan this month is another Maxim. This Maxim is dear to my heart as he is in the same region as Vika. HE has just recently started to walk and he is in desperate need for medical attention. He has something that is causing his stomach to become bloated and the doctors in his country wont treat him because they say that is his down syndrome. They Don't know or Don't care that .....that is NOT A symptom of DOWN SYNDROME!!  Go and help the family or spread the word for this child HERE.