Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1000 blessings...and Women of Faith

Recently I got lucky enough to be given a ticket to Women of Faith. I am a big fan of Women of Faith except that the price of tickets isn't really what the common lay person can afford. At 90 bucks a ticket....well you see what I mean. But If you want to go God will make a way. Last year my mom bought my ticket in this year a lady I had told I was wanting to go had to give up her ticket and I got it. One of the speakers that was a little kooky was Anna Voskamp bestselling author of 1000 gifts. While she was a little weird when she spoke, it did get me thinking, and she presented the challenge to take a pen and some paper and write a thousand gifts/or blessings in your life. She said that when you do it changes you and your world for the better. So I have decided to take her up on the challenge and type mine right here on this very blog. The idea is that when you see all that God bestows on you in the little things and the big ones you get the whole picture.

1. God, he made me and I am his.
2. My husband Chet. He is trying so hard lately and I can see him growing unto his halo.
3. My kids
4. my dog Toby...straight from heaven that one.
5. My other dogs Alfalfa and Jessie
6. My cats Koda and Timid and Nitro.  I have 2 others but they are just annoying.
7. My house, it is little but cozy and I can paint the walls anyway I want
8. My parents
9. Chet's parents
10. My job.

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