Thursday, November 29, 2012

WE ARE in a NEW category

At Reece's rainbow, families travel on a continuum in the website based on where you are in your journey. At first your child is in My family found me. People are always excited to see a child show up in My Family Found Me (MFFM) You aren't listed as the child's family until you get in some paperwork and your $1275 commitment fee.  Then after that is paid you go onto the New commitments page.  It is super exciting to see a family there as you can now follow their blog and support the family. After you sign on with a homestudy agency then you go to the Homestudy in progress page. You are supposed to get the homestudy done in three months time. For some it is shorter for us it was longer.  Reece's rainbow gets concerned if it is longer and that can be really stressful. Then you go to the compiling Dossier page.  Each step you move along you get a little more excited and a little more freaked out that soon you will be a parent.
The next category is Almost there. That is where we are as of this morning. You can see it here. Isn't it pretty. My friend Amanda and I are so excited about changing categories.... We have 2 left. Traveling now and Already Home. There is only one left for her ...Already Home. This is so exciting....Chet is in a panic...please pray that we come to terms with this new change and that God will calm our nerves about the up and coming changes to our lives.


  1. You look great on that page!! Maybe you will get to meet up with Erin's family!