Monday, November 12, 2012

I got 1 word for you....

Got a kid with lice??? Frustrated at the combing, washing, combing, washing, combing? Only to find out the kid still has lice. After a month long struggle at our house with the eldest foster child. I got one word for you....I hesitate to share it worked that GOOD. Its Natroba. Recently approved by the FDA its pricy but so worth it. No combing and works the first time. Its that good. Try it.


  1. So glad you finally got something that worked! We have had that struggle before. Kids at school seem to share everything. I used mayo to smother them out, it was so nasty!! We now use tea tree shampoo, or add a frew drops of melaluca oil to our shampoo or conditioner and shake it up, they say this will repeal them because they can't take the smell.

  2. Yes S Tudor we now have tea tree oil in our shampoo too. We used mayonaise...twice....listerine....10 plus times....vinegar multiple times and a month later still had some...the nurse said they are moving slow but they are there....So we used worked in one fell swoop